Who We Are

Where We Come From

Our region and culture define us.

We live in Eastern Washington and many of us have been here for decades. We are all tied in some way to the land, to our families and the region, and we believe that comes through in how we conduct our business.

We are a group of tough, like-minded individuals who create products and services that we believe make the world a better place. We take our work seriously because we’re producing products that impact lives. Our lives. Your life.

Fads don’t move us. Trends don’t sway us. Our process has taken decades to refine, and everything we create is delivered through this crafted service model.

We haven’t arrived at where we’re at without a lot of hard work, and we have two decades of stories to prove it.

1996 – Maplewood Software incorporates

John and Nancy Janzen incorporated Maplewood Software in their hometown of Spokane, Washington. The founders chose the name Maplewood for a variety of reasons. Maple wood is very common, solid hardwood in Spokane and often used for projects where a higher degree of craftsmanship and durability is needed. Maplewood focused initially on one-off, high-quality custom software consulting projects for local and national companies.

1999 – Company expansion

Maplewood acquired several large contracts in the late 90’s with the most expansive being for Microsoft and Group Health (now Kaiser Permanente-Washington). All projects were built with a browser-based architecture, making Maplewood one of the first designers of cloud-based business tools worldwide. A satellite office was launched in Bellevue to maintain rotating staff for Microsoft. Staff also traveled speaking and consulting nationwide for other corporations such as Nike and PacificCorp.

2001 – Dot-com bubble produces opportunities

Custom consulting projects became harder to come by and many consulting firms closed shop in Spokane and around the country. The dot-com bust hastened the company’s long-term strategy to develop proprietary products and augment custom job-shop work. The company began developing an automated, cloud-based staff scheduling product for restaurants.

2002 – From restaurants to hospitals

By 2002, several Spokane restaurants were using the then-branded Scheduler. The Spokesman-Review covered the story and the pharmacy at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane expressed interest. Sacred Heart become the first beta site to customize the Scheduler for pharmacies.

2003 – ScheduleRx emerges

By 2003, Maplewood had migrated all product development and marketing efforts of now-branded ScheduleRx to the pharmacy industry. Four additional hospital systems based in Seattle and Portland purchased ScheduleRx during test marketing. ScheduleRx became the first pharmacy-specific, cloud-based staff scheduling tool on the market. A full-scale national sales launch began with early West Coast adopters being UCSF and Santa Barbara Cottage as well Swedish Medical Center and Providence Portland. The company utilized emerging remote webinar technologies to conduct all sales and implementation efforts remotely.

2006 – Pharmacy OneSource acquires ScheduleRx rights

By early 2006, ScheduleRx was being utilized by 45 hospital pharmacy clients nationwide. ScheduleRx became an attractive product addition for other healthcare software vendors needing product line expansion. Pharmacy OneSource of Bellevue, WA purchased the rights to sell ScheduleRx into pharmacies worldwide.

2007 – Maplewood partners with PAML

Maplewood pivots once again and explores customizing ScheduleRx for other healthcare markets with similar scheduling challenges. The transformation of ScheduleRx to ScheduleLabs got underway thanks to a successful partnership with Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories (PAML) of Spokane, WA. Sales of ScheduleLabs grow steadily while Maplewood began exploring other product opportunities for client needs in competency assessment, inspection readiness and document control.

2010 – Closing the consulting shop

This milestone year marked the end of an era, an era of building custom products for-hire for companies around the nation. Maplewood’s well-honed engineering team now focused solely on the company’s developing line of proprietary software solutions for laboratories. Additionally, this year marked increased industry exposure at tradeshows, in trade publications and speaking events as the operational industry within healthcare was eager for more sophisticated, flexible software solutions.

2012 – StaffReady rebrands

After years of development, Maplewood launches StaffReady, a full-fledged, operational laboratory product suite of integrated cloud-based software solutions. Early adopters of SkillsetReady and InspectionReady include Sutter Health and LRGHealthcare. Additional sales of newly branded ScheduleReady (formerly ScheduleLabs) expand into Canada and other parts of the US with the Alverno Laboratories, M. Health Fairview, the University of Washington Medical Center, DynaLife and Legacy Health becoming clients as well as dozens of others.

2013 – Europe comes calling

Additional sales of the StaffReady platform include an InspectionReady engagement with Roche based in Basel, Switzerland. Maplewood customizes InspectionReady for Roche to better assist them in preparing for inspections in their worldwide pharmaceutical testing laboratories.

2014 – StaffReady spin-off

Maplewood launches its first subsidiary company, StaffReady, and at the same time, rebrands the StaffReady suite of products as the StaffReady platform. Existing products are rebranded as the Scheduling and Competency modules. InspectionReady continues to be sold as a standalone inspection product. StaffReady continues a profitable partnership with Pharmacy OneSource, now owned by Wolters Kluwer.

2016 – StaffReady begins on-site training trips for key accounts around the country

Additional product enhancements including product and data integrations, SSO and mobile functionality make StaffReady an easy pick for larger health systems looking for turnkey workforce management solutions.

2018 – HQ new look

StaffReady makes a HQ move to Main Ave. in downtown Spokane. The newly renovated 1900’s upper warehouse floor boasts original brick and woodwork as well as a modern, industrial vibe. The penthouse patio get regular use for Thirsty Thursday afternoons, a company tradition. StaffReady Document Control gets a new look and industry attention.

2020 – StaffReady remains powerful in virtual mode

The COVID-19 pandemic sends all company staff home to work remotely for two months from mid-March to mid-May. Remote technologies make remote hiring more feasible and management of key departments grows as the company secures offices in nine states. Service to key frontline lab clients remains strong as StaffReady provides cloud-services that optimize formerly time-consuming operational duties.

Nancy Janzen

Nancy Janzen is a company co-founder and joined the company as a staff member in 2001. She has led the national sales launch efforts for all products and manages account and support operations for StaffReady. Her specialties include sales and customer operations and development, staff culture and development, brand management, strategic partnership development and company formation. She currently serves as the CEO and Senior VP of Operations.

John Janzen
President / CTO

John Janzen is a company co-founder and joined the company in 1996. He is the lead architect on all software projects and manages all day-to-day development operations as well as new product development. His specialties include enterprise-class database architecture and development, development team operations, company formation and development, strategic business planning, and financial operations and modeling. He currently serves as President and CTO.

Our Team

This community of team members believes you can find purpose and meaning in the work you do each and every day. It shows in our products and services, that our company members care about our clients, the ones who really matter.

This team is in it for the long-haul, because we’ve already done it. Twenty years in the making.

And we’ll keep coming back again with another product to produce and another company to build, because there are more customers who are ready for software that really does make their life better.