Digital Master Builders

Since 1996, Maplewood has been developing software products that meet unique and specific needs, and that delight our customers by producing reliable results.

At our core, we are still practitioners of a trade. And though it has taken on new forms and characteristics in the modern age, it is, in fact, one of the few truly ancient trades: the Master Builder. We approach both software and business development from this perspective.

In software, quality reveals itself within interfaces that are smart, organized, powerful and still easy to use. In business, craftsmanship is reflected in high renewal rates, low staff turnover and yearly revenue growth. These are the cornerstones of how we approach our work.

We are people who love to make things with care and precision. We build places for people to exchange information and communicate. Our tools underpin, and indeed make possible, incredibly sophisticated systems for organizing people and ideas. And every day, our creations empower highly skilled individuals to accomplish their work.

While we love to have fun, we thrive on solving truly difficult problems, and we attempt to create systems that measurably improve the lives of real people.

We see ourselves as a band of Digital Master Builders, proudly practicing our trade from our home in Spokane, Washington.

We Work With Some Great Companies...